Our solution

What we do for our customers is based on a simple idea: To give your colleagues digital tools that they enjoy and that makes them more effective and efficient – whenever, wherever they choose to work. The key word is mobility. We deliver this at a reasonable and predictable price, with excellent IT security, and without burdening your company’s internal services.

The magic arises when combining the power of people with simple, convenient and smart business tools.

Flow by Techstep

Flow is Techstep’s Managed Mobility Service offering consisting of hardware, software, device lifecycle management and financing.

Flow provides several clear benefits to our customers, including reduced administration, lower overall costs, data protection and sustainability benefits.

Mobile phones, tablets, headphones, other accessories. Techstep provides all of the mobile and IT equipment from leading manufacturers, including Apple products.

Cost control gives the finance department the right tools for budgeting, accounting and tax reporting in order to control the costs of your employees mobile use in an easy and efficient way.

Are employees in your company using tablets and mobile phones for more than conversations and emails in the workplace? By administering operating systems and apps centrally, EMM will give you increased efficiency as well as improved security.

An extended arm of your IT department, or full outsourcing of the IT department? Are you challenged to cut costs, and are you struggling to hire qualified employees, or have the IT tools used in your company become more complex? Techstep offers a solution tailored to what is right for your organization.

Asset Management includes insurance and the financing of mobile phones and accessories, the provision of spare phones, swaps, and the sale of used equipment at the end of the contract period, usually 24 months. All this is structured into a service with a fixed monthly cost.

Through our subsidiary Techstep Finance AS, we offer to fully finance our customers' acquisition of hardware and software. This way, you will be able to move costs related to the purchase and operation of mobile units and equipment out of the investment budget and into the operating budget. This frees up capital and gives the customer the opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership for mobile phones, tablets, PC / Mac, software licenses, and more.

We offer customised apps that solve your day-to-day challenges.

Origo is the name of the portal that connects all relevant data concerning mobile use, equipment, online store and support on a common platform. It is a portal for the individual user as well as the company.

360 workplace

Take a look at our company video, and see how we help our customers making work mobile.