At Techstep, we are continuously working to protect our common environment in new and better ways. And, we have a clear ambition in mind: To be a major contributor in our markets.

Our environmental footprint
We take a holistic approach to our environmental work, spanning the company's offerings, systems and processes as well as the daily conduct of our staff. Thus, we aim to offer our customers greener alternatives, while demanding sustainable solutions from our suppliers.

Making work mobile is our mission statement. By delivering the technological communication solutions that reduces the need to travel for business, we contribute to lowering total carbon dioxide emissions.
We have several specific ongoing initiatives affecting our operations: Our physical deliveries, such as hardware and mobile phones, can be done emissions-free in the Oslo region, and we are currently working to expand this offering. When going to the same location, we encourage our employees to travel in groups, preferably by public transport. We also aim to digitize all payments and eliminate paper invoices.

Electronic products have a considerable negative environmental footprint, and the total impact grows with the increasing demand. Techstep's business model is built to reduce this footprint: Our Mobile as a Service (MaaS) offering expands the lifespan of mobile phones and tablets by design. Support, repair, and physical protection – as well as wiping and reselling the equipment – makes for a longer equipment lifetime, in addition to more and better secondhand equipment on the market.

Eco-lighthouse certificatied
Techstep is Eco-lighthouse certified. We review all routines every year to achieve a more environmentally friendly operation. Eco-lighthouse was the first national scheme in Europe to be recognized by the EU. It is a third-party certification, approved by the government as documentation for public tenders. We submit annual environmental reports, and must be re-certified every three years.

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