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Techstep signs new Mobile as a Service agreements with two existing customers

Techstep has signed new Mobile as a Service (MaaS) agreements with two existing customers, the Norwegian financial services group Eika Gruppen and Apotek 1, Norway’s leading chain of pharmacies.

“We are pleased to see that MaaS is gaining traction in the market, and that two recognised brands want to offer their employees greater flexibility and less administration at lower operating costs. We look forward to enable Eika Gruppen and Apotek 1 to help their employees do a better job”, says CEO Jens Haviken in Techstep.

Techstep has signed a Mobile as a Service (MaaS) agreement with Eika Gruppen, the Norwegian financial services group owned by 67 local banks and OBOS. The delivery includes complete mobile solutions consisting of mobile phones and tablets, connectivity, telecom expense management, device management, service and support, as well as financing to 1,500 employees in the Eika Alliance.

Total potential contract value is estimated to NOK 15 million over three years, with expected revenue effect from 2019. The contract includes an option of extending the agreement with additional duration of three years, as well as opportunities for extending the delivery to the associated local banks of Eika Gruppen.

Techstep has further signed a Mobile as a Service (MaaS) agreement with Apotek 1, Norway’s leading chain of pharmacies. The delivery includes a complete mobile solution consisting of mobile phones, telecom expense management and financing to the 300 employees working at Apotek 1’s headquarter.

Since 2015, Techstep has delivered hardware, connectivity, device management, service and support to Apotek 1’s pharmacies and employees. The MaaS agreement is an additional agreement to the current management agreement. Total potential contract value for the MaaS agreement is estimated to NOK 3 million over two years, with expected revenue effect from 2019.

About Eika Gruppen
Eika Gruppen serves as the financial services group in the Eika Alliance, and is owned by 67 local banks and OBOS. Its strategic foundation is to ensure strong and caring local banks which serve as a driving force for growth and development, for customers and for the local community. The group delivers a complete platform for banking infrastructure, including IT, payment processing and digital services which make the local bank competitive. In addition, it comprises the product companies Eika Forsikring, Eika Kredittbank, Eika Kapitalforvaltning and Aktiv Eiendomsmegling. Eika Gruppen’s products and solutions are distributed through some 400 offices in Norway. Eika Boligkreditt was demerged from the Eika Gruppen financial group in 2012, and became directly owned by the local banks and OBOS.

About Apotek 1
Apotek 1 is Norway’s largest pharmacy chain with a market share of about 48 percent and 3,500 employees. With over 370 pharmacies scattered throughout the country’s regions, and two wholesale warehouses, Apotek 1 is well positioned to continue this growth and offer its service and expertise to new customers and target groups in Norway. Apotek 1 sell all types of prescription only and non prescription medicines, and also offer a wide range of quality assured health and well being products at competitive prices. At the same time, Apotek 1 give well qualified guidance to its customers. Apotek 1 is part of Apotek 1 Gruppen AS, owned by German PHOENIX group.

About Techstep ASA
Techstep is positioning itself as a leading Nordic enabler of the digital workplace. Techstep delivers hardware, software, connectivity and mobile device management bundled as a managed service. This enables enterprises and their employees do their work across mobile devices and locations, with a high degree of security and operational stability. Techstep has 225 employees based in Norway and Sweden, serving close to 6,000 customers and 658,000 end users across various industries in the private and public sectors. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

For further information
Jens Haviken, CEO, Techstep ASA: +47 930 90 070